How works

Take a look at the procedure.

The basic principle of is being able to receive documents in electronic format at a centralized e-mail address and then automatically preparing them for further approval and processing.

Preparation means data mining via artificial intelligence with the help of machine reading.

A document saved at can later be edited, assigned to a cost centre or a contract, and given payment priorities.

Once approved, will automatically enter it into your accounting system and store it for long-term online archiving.

Upload documents

Dedicated e-mail, web interface, mobile app or API are the ways how to upload your documents.

Upload documents

Extract data in Rossum App

Rossum App extracts information from invoices or receipts. Accountant validates documents in Rossum and send the documents to by pressing the export button.

Extract data in Rossum App

The extracted documents are sent to

All invoices are listed in a customizable overview with full information on the current stage of the invoice.

The extracted documents are sent to

Approval workflow

We have designed easy-to-learn UX/UI to approve invoices or other documents with just one or two clicks.

Approval workflow

ERP integration

Once the entire approval workflow procedure is completed, the data are sent to the accounting system. We can interface to any accounting system.

ERP integration

A long-term archiving you can trust

You can add qualified time stamp or digital signature to your invoices. Your data is stored in a Microsoft data center located within EU. GDPR & eIDAS compliant.

A long-term archiving you can trust

The implementation process

A free trial version

A free trial version

Activate your trial access easily at After that, we will be ready do discuss any questions and requirements that you may have.

Web or telephone contact

Web or telephone contact

The key piece of information that determines the difficulty of implementation is which accounting system you use. If it is not one of the currently pre-set systems, we are able to provide you with a customized implementation solution. Otherwise, everything can be activated immediately.

Fully active

Fully active

After checking the functionality of the data transfer between and your accounting system, everything is ready for use. If necessary, we can also explain the functionalities to your staff members. automates accounting without needing to make any changes to your accounting system.

For proper functioning, it needs to connect to your accounting system and create a communication bridge.


Implementation cannot be any easier

if you use one of the pre-set accounting systems (currently: Pohoda CZ + SK, HELIOS Orange CZ + SK, ABRA Flexi CZ + SK, 6K CZ + SK, Money S3, DUEL, Aconto). If not, we will design a customized implementation process and a communication bridge directly for your accounting system. You can also use an ISDOC or API connector.


Starting with is extremely easy.

In addition to the low or zero implementation costs on your part, no other investments are required (you do not need any special hardware or software). Just a regular computer, notebook or cell phone with an Internet connection.


Who we are
We are accounting and IT specialists based in the Czech Republic. We continue searching for options how to eliminate administrative work and have enough time for what really matters. Our products combine long-term experience with accounting system programming, IT project management, and actual accounting.

What we do
We automate and streamline accounting processes. We help businesses digitalize their accounting and accelerate the approval, accounting and archiving processes. reduces manual work associated with documentation by 90% and decreases related expenses. Our user-friendly online solution provides an immediate overview and gives control from anywhere.

Customer Cooperation and Workflow

  • Multi-level approval workflow of any documents by customer
  • Email notifications for approvers
  • Substitution of approvers (e.g. vacations)
  • Automated documents entry using email, web application, public API or mobile app
  • Transparent and secure document hand-over
  • Break-down of costs by customer per 3 cost objects (cost center, project, activity)
  • Locking of posted documents by accountants to prevent unathorized changes
  • Process optimization during portal implementation
  • Document workflow is simplified and runs faster

Long-term archiving and Document management system

  • User-defined metadata on any file and document
  • Easy and fast document search, using user-defined metadata
  • Qualified electronic signatures and qualified timestamps
  • Long term document archiving according to legislation requirements (eIDAS)
  • GDPR compliant

Interfaces to other systems

  • Out-of-the box integrations to 5 ERPs ready, possible to Interface to any ERP system or data extraction software (including registers)
  • Documents on portal are accessible directly from ERP


  • Co-branding of customer portal by your own logo
  • Czech, Slovak, German and English language mutations
  • Mobile application for document entry
  • Web application optimalized for mobile devices, approvers can approve documents from mobile device

Data Security

  • Ebanking-like data security level
  • Management of access rights per users, companies and documents
  • Two factor authentification using mobile app

Auditability and Transparency

  • History of communication linked to files and documents
  • Full Audit track and complete history of all actions done on any file and document
  • Documents versioning
  • Deleted files can be restored (within 1 month)
  • Visibility of all documents waiting for approvals
  • Data centralization

Technology and security

Microsoft Azure

Ensures transparent encryption, decryption and key management.


Microsoft Azure servers use the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for encrypting data. This is the encryption standard used by the banking sector and the US Army.

GDPR compliant

All infrastructure and the service platform are operated in top, certified Microsoft data centers located within the EU (GDPR compliant).


The service uses PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) on the Microsoft Azure platform.


All communication between the server and client is secured by TLS/SSL, i.e. HTTPS protocols, and is certified by Microsoft CA. The OAuth2 protocol is used for ensuring access authentication.


Guaranteed SLA on service availability is 99,5%.


Servers runs simultaneously in two distant geographical locations (online georeplication).

Mobile application

Mobile apps for iOS and Android are available for free.

Two factor authentification

Two factor authentification available for increased security.

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