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"If we had continued to build our accounting business with our old procedures and technologies, we would soon lose credibility and ultimately, our clients.

wflow offers completely new possibilities and organization to us and our business. It makes it possible to automate a large part of manual work, avoid manual rewriting of numbers and obtain a perfect circulation of documents between the accounting firm and clients."

"We administer 10 schools across the Czech Republic, which is why we looked for a way to automate document collection and to simplify the approval process.

We chose from several products because it is an intuitive and reliable online solution. Additionally, we are very satisfied with the speed and quality of customer support."

"By using wflow, we simplified a document and approval work flow and significantly accelerated invoicing process.

Since it's a cloud service, our owners from Italy can easily approve documents remotely any time. We pay all invoices using QR codes, which we simply generate in wflow."

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Who we are
We are accounting and IT specialists based in the Czech Republic. We continue searching for options how to eliminate administrative work and have enough time for what really matters. Our products combine long-term experience with accounting system programming, IT project management, and actual accounting.

What we do
We automate and streamline accounting processes. We help businesses digitalize their accounting and accelerate the approval, accounting and archiving processes. reduces manual work associated with documentation by 90% and decreases related expenses. Our user-friendly online solution provides an immediate overview and gives control from anywhere.

Integrated ERP systems

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Integrated services and technologies

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V roce 2020 získala firma Czech Republic s.r.o. podporu z Evropských strukturálních a investičních fondů, realizovanou skrz Operační program Praha - pól růstu ČR a čerpanou přes první výzvu Specializovaných voucherů (reg.č. CZ.07.1.02/0.0/0.0/16_027/0000607). Podpora byla mířena na účast firmy Czech Republic s.r.o. na projekt Webové stránky a marketingové aktivity pro projekty a v Praze za účelem vytvoření nových webových stránek a marketingových aktivit příjemce. Očekávaným výstupem je vytvoření nových webových stránek a marketingových aktivit příjemce. Projekt Webové stránky a marketingové aktivity pro projekty a je spolufinancován Evropskou unií.