automatizes bookkeeping without change of accounting software.

Digitalize your bookkeeping from 90 CZK per month.
Save up to 90% your expenses. No manual work with documents.
No paper invoices. Archive online. Approve your documents for 1 click. receives them instead of you, automatically data captured, booked and archive.

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We are an accounting firm

We are an accounting firm is our competitive advantage. We can service a larger number of clients at the same time. Thanks to each client having a unique, designated e-mail address, we receive all documents from our clients in time and without needing to remind them. We no longer need to manually copy data. The digital archives fully replace hard copy archiving.

+ All documents on time
+ Less work and lower archiving costs

We are a client of an accounting firm

We are a client of an accounting firm

We do not have to bring or send documents to our accountants; does it for us. We decide what will be paid and with what priority, simply and online. We save time and we have all documents available and ready for our use in our own archives.

+ No more hassle with submitting documents
+ Time savings and documents always ready at hand

We have an internal accounting department

We have an internal accounting department

The automatic collection of documents and the unlimited multi-level approval system significantly speed up document circulation in our company. With data mining, entering documents into accounts is a question of just few minutes. Our digital archives are always accessible, both from the computer and from the phone, and they save considerable costs associated with hard copy archiving.

+ Significantly faster document circulation
+ Online approval of documents and access to archives

How works

Take a look at the procedure.

Upload documents

Dedicated e-mail, web interface, mobile app or API are the ways how to upload your documents.

Upload documents

Extract data in Rossum App

Rossum App extracts information from invoices or receipts. Accountant validates documents in Rossum and send the documents to by pressing the export button.

Extract data in Rossum App

The extracted documents are sent to

All invoices are listed in a customizable overview with full information on the current stage of the invoice.

The extracted documents are sent to

Approval workflow

We have designed easy-to-learn UX/UI to approve invoices or other documents with just one or two clicks.

Approval workflow

ERP integration

Once the entire approval workflow procedure is completed, the data are sent to the accounting system. We can interface to any accounting system.

ERP integration

A long-term archiving you can trust

You can add qualified time stamp or digital signature to your invoices. Your data is stored in a Microsoft data center located within EU. GDPR & eIDAS compliant.

A long-term archiving you can trust

Software Integration

Software Integration

Try for free is online solution, try it 14 days for free.

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